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  • Pratiloma Marriage

    1. What is the impact of Pratiloma Marriage to the society and family?
    2. Why it is forbidden in the society?
    3. What is the course of action if someone does Pratiloma Marriage?
    4. In society, if there is no class system - how do we make sure it is not Pratiloma Marriage?
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    The offsprings of Pratiloma marriage are just like hens. If one of them is culled, the other thinks, 'It does not concern me. Why should I worry?' They are unable to understand that in this way, everyone is going to be killed. They do not have this much of foresightedness. How shall they have foresightedness? When a man is blinded by selfish ego, he can not do anything which fulfills the self. To be blinded by selfish ego means to go against one's own self. That is called obsession. The Pratiloma offsprings can never be united. To be united requires submission towards the Ideal, towards the values, which they naturally lack. Where the parents themselves have betrayed against the Ideal, the values, what more can you expect from their children? Their very 'make up' (structure) itself is of anti-existential type. Hence, no matter how much one tries, they can not be rectified. If good 'metal' is not there, how can you do anything good? They are simply incurable and along with them, those who are good, if they also come in contact with them, their downfall is also ensured. That is the reason that the scriptures and the society have kept them as an outcaste. This is not out of hatred, but this system has been incorporated as a measure of self defense. If this much strictness were not there, everything would have gone to doom. Not a single thing could be found pure. Nowadays, Jihad has been declared against the orthodoxy but it is hard to describe in words how badly we are in need of Ideal-centric orthodoxy. Manu has told, "Jatra twete Pariddwansa Jayante Varnadushakah, Rashtrikyahe saha Tadrashtram kshiprameva vinashyati." Our society and the scriptures have banished and resisted the Pratiloma marriage and have side by side encouraged the Anuloma marriage. The Anuloma offsprings are like Hyenas. If one of them is attacked, all of them come to resist that. Ref.[Alochana Prasange, 11/1/1946]